UpLevel Systems

Rethinking Managed Services
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The Uplevel System

Active Directory user/computer management
Built-in SD-WAN capabilities
Managed VPNs
Quality of Service Prioritization (QoS)
Dual-WAN load balancing
Fast VoIP failover
Sophisticated firewall
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) security
Content filtering
Country blocking
Built-in 1TB/5TB encrypted NAS
Ransomware protection
Cloud disaster recovery
Encrypted archives
Critical data always backed up to the cloud
Remote management, diagnostics, alerting
Cloud-based VPNs – no static IPs needed
Simple PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance

Configure in advance. Deploy easily. Manage from anywhere.

Small Business. Big Enterprise Equipment.

Uplevel and its managed service provider (MSP) partners help companies solve their existing IT problems – slow Internet, dropped calls, cyberattacks, remote access, etc – and lay the groundwork for growth. Reliable, enterprise grade IT starts here with a simple, powerful and secure solution, plus affordable pricing for any size company.

Fully Cloud Managed

Pre-configure everything before deploying
Control from your phone, tablet, or computer
Simple, instant remote management:
Add Active Directory users or change password policies
Increase the size of a share and adjust the backup schedule
Troubleshoot issues without driving to the office
And much more!
Configured securely from cloud databases – box swaps are non-events!
Critical data backed up to the cloud, recoverable in an emergency
Cloud-based VPNs eliminate static IPs and painful ISP interactions

Built Specifically for MSPs

Manage all of your customers under a single pane
Get intelligent information about issues
Receive active alerts of issues
Generate monthly reports of network activity