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Finding the right SSL solution shouldn’t require visiting various security providers or having to choose from a limited number of options offered by your web-hosting company. Since 2007, our industry-leading Symantec™ family of SSL brands has given 400,000+ websites the flexibility and options needed to find the right solution at an extremely affordable price! Let’s get started on finding your solution! Aside from encryption, what else would you like out of your SSL certificate today?

Build Trust and Protect Your Brand with Leading Encryption, Identity & Website Security Solutions.

Trust is everything. And, that’s never been more true than in today’s world, where there are now
over 4 million data breaches per day. So, how do you ensure that your credibility, integrity,
reputation and trustworthiness aren’t at risk? Implement proper encryption, identity and security
protections that users can see and feel. When consumers trust your security, they trust
your brand. A trusted brand always wins—so, let’s inspire trust together.

Rapid SSL

RapidSSL® certificates will provide you with basic encryption fast and for a cheap price! This extremely affordable entry-level security solution is easy to get because it uses an automated domain validation system to prove you own the domain. Issuance is almost immediate.


a first-rate domain validated (DV) SSL certificate that customers from around the world will recognize and trust immediately. Since this is a DV certificate, issuance can typically be completed in just a matter of minutes


Online success depends on your visitors knowing it's safe to do business with you, so who you choose for your website security matters. DigiCert secures more than 26 billion web connections every day.

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We know what we’re doing when it comes to selling and supporting SSL Certificates. In fact, we’ve been doing this for so long that we’re 100% confident that you’ll be satisfied with your experience. At Implux Designs we stand behind all our products and services and if for any reason you’re unhappy, we’ll take every step to remedy it for you