SEO Maintenance Service

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services are performance-driven, ensuring that your website will have search ranking progress each and every month.

>WHAT IS SEO? SEO is no mystery. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the calculated and carefully planned set of strategies and techniques used to improve the visibility (or ranking) of a website in a search engine’s search results. To do SEO properly and ethically (a.k.a. “white hat”), it is not a one-shot deal. White hat strategies are focused on quality and unique content for improving user experience while black hat is interested in the tricks for acquiring search rank. Black hat techniques usually result in a website being “punished” or blacklisted by Google and may result in your website being dropped to the bottom of search engines rankings for months or even longer.

SEO has to be done consistently and repetitively to get a website to the 1st page of search engines for certain keywords or to maintain the website for keywords that are already ranking. It is not like the phone book, where once you pay for a spot, its yours. In our world, SEO is constant. If you want top spots, you have to work at it. Simply put, there are no shortcuts.

We require a 6-month commitment for our SEO services since this is the average length of time it takes, utilizing Google Webmaster Guidelines, to see peak results. You may cancel at any time after the 6-month agreement term if your site is not performing as you had expected. Although we cannot guarantee all websites will be ranked on the first page of search results, we assure you that your website ranking will improve dramatically within the first 6 months.

Want to see a Return on Investment (ROI)? You will receive a detailed monthly report showing:

  • SEO efforts being implemented

  • Historical rank-tracking

Consistently using Implux Designs Premiere SEO Service (outlined below) will allow your business to DOMINATE in your geographical area for internet traffic related to your specific area of business.

Frequency of SEO Service SEO Strategy/Technique Implemented
One-time Competition & Keyword Research: Keywords are selected based on the ones that generate the most business. A report will outline this information.
Creation of Webmaster Accounts:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
Google Analytic Account Creation: Website traffic information and statistics specifically for your website.
Search Engine Submissions: Announce your website to the top US-based search engines.
Construction of Sitemaps: Used by many different search engines to assist with “bot” crawling effectiveness. Sitemaps are created using XML in order to categorize sites in a preferred format.
Directory Submissions: To a variety of directories relevant to your industry (minimum of 3x/week): Free, basic directories; Paid directories: business must be approved prior to submission; Directories that require a link-back; Niche/Industry-specific directories; Regional directories; Blog directories
Local Search Marketing: Done each week to create natural, organic submissions
3-4x / Month Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking allows you to specifically target what you want to see on the web; it’s simply adding your “likes” into organized and collectible structures to be more easily accessible at a later time.
Forum Profile Creations and Forum Activity: Involvement in industry-specific forums. How it works: The chatter is limited since SEO experts arent experts in every field of business but the intent is to show the search engines involvement and the forum profiles are pointing back to the main site. (You are encouraged to also provide ENGAGED comments on forums or sites like LinkedIn to support these efforts).
Link Requesting & Outreach: To increase page-rank and traffic sources
Positive Review Strategies: A blend of Reputation Management and customer reviews which are closely integrated into SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages: the results you get back once youve typed into the search box) and hence play a part of SEO.
Twice Monthly Guest Blogging: Same as Forum Activity above as far as level of detail involved
Content Distribution: Distribute unique content written on your behalf to sites like Squidoo, HubPages and This adds credibility to the authority you have in your industry.
Once Monthly Competition & Keyword Research Review: Since traffic statistics change over-time, keywords and competition is reviewed monthly and adjusted as needed.
Structural Analysis: We uncover any issues with internal linking or structural issues that can decrease search ranking.
Competitor Analysis: Determine top competitor keyword strength and strategies
Press Release Distribution: (if applicable)
Infographic Distribution & Sharing: Creation of images using graphic design (i.e. infographic) which include statistics related to your particular industry. It is a popular and visual way to connect with potential customers online. Infographics will be distributed and shared across the web, focusing on your target market
Video Marketing:
    • A simple 30-second video of image stills with a custom script; Video posted to sites including YouTube, Vimeo, etc.; That URL is socially bookmarked; That video is also displayed on your main website (optional)
# of Pages Optimized Up to 20 pages
Price $700/month


Ongoing SEO Maintenance: $500.00/month


SEO Maintenance is available after the initial plan term of 6 months.
In order to maintain high search engine rankings, it’s important to continue SEO efforts. Stopping SEO services will result in lowered rankings.