ROK Mobile


  • Unlimited Talk, Text, & LTE Data on the top 3 major U.S. networks (CDMA & GSM)

  • Free International Calling

  • Roadside Assistance

  • No contract, No Credit Check

  • ROK TV (Free TV, Movies, Radio & More)

  • ROK Rewards (Free monthly credits that can be applied to tons of offers)


Wireless plans that go beyond Talk, Text and Data.
All plans include International Calls, Telemedicine, Pharmacy Savings and ROK Rewards.

ROK Mobile runs on the Nation’s largest 4G LTE GSM Network

Learn more about our ROK Life services and more

BYOD and get the sim for $5.00

On the Nation’s largest 4G LTE GSM Network
Receive a $5 international call credit every month
Access to a board certified doctor 24/7/365
Save up to 75% on prescription medications
Get discounts at over 500,000 restaurants and retailers

1 Value amount includes ROK Mobile wireless plan cost plus competitors average monthly cost of Telemedicine and Pharmacy Savings services.
2 Includes a fixed amount of high speed data each month as set forth in the plan description. After the high speed data threshold is reached, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of your service period.

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