Mobile Point-of-Sale Technology

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology has moved the point of sale from a brick-and-mortar location to wherever your imagination can take you. mPOS solutions let you harness the power of a smartphone or tablet to accept payments on the spot.

From providing services at your customers’ homes to doing business at tradeshows, flea markets, sports venues or food trucks and much more — it’s easy with mPOS. All you need is a merchant account, mobile application and recommended card reader to accept all major credit cards and signature debit cards quickly and easily. mPOS offers opportunities to connect with your customers in new ways and make sales anywhere!

Key Benefits of mPOS Technology

  • Speed up checkout and return lines. Using mPOS keeps your customers moving through the checkout line as efficiently as possible, even during your busiest periods. Using mPOS can also avoid backups at the sales registers due to returns.
  • Cashiers become sales consultants. Improve customer service with mPOS. It enables your salespeople to better inform consumers — and helping customers to make faster purchasing decisions can drive higher revenues.
  • Drive sales in different areas of your store. You can sell to customers anywhere on the floor using mobile POS in new ways. For example, hold an in-store demonstration to promote a product or service and then close the deal when your customers are excited and ready to buy.
  • Always know price and availability. Customers get frustrated when there is a question about a price or availability of an item and a store employee doesn’t have the tools to provide a quick answer. Provide your staff with mobile devices connected to mPOS inventory management systems to immediately help customers to get the information they need to make their purchase.
  • Offer receipt options. More and more consumers prefer their receipts to be emailed to them to cut down on paper and help them stay organized. Cater to their preference by giving them the choice of digital or traditional paper receipts.
  • Build a customer database. Your sales associates can obtain customer email details either before, during or after the sale from anywhere in the store. Use this database for future email marketing opportunities. Providing email receipt options is an easy way to ask for an email address and build your customer database using mPOS.
  • Grow your business. Remember that the “m” in “mPOS” is for mobile, giving you the opportunity to sell anywhere. Using an online connection back to the store POS and inventory system, you can grow your business by taking it anywhere your customers will be. You are no longer restricted to selling in just your physical store location.

Get Started with mPOS

Take advantage of the capabilities offered by mobile devices and mPOS systems and solutions to run your business, connect with your customers and make sales anywhere and everywhere.