3CX Phone Systems

As a leading 3CX Partner, Implux Designs offers 3CX Phone Systems, which are software-based IP PBXs for Windows and Linux that replace traditional proprietary PBX hardware phone systems.

These phone systems were developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and Debian Linux, and are based on SIP standards, making it easier to manage and enabling support for SIP software and hardware phones. Calls can be made via a VoIP service provider or via the regular PSTN (analog/T1/PRI).

Easy to install and configure, 3CX Phone Systems include web-based configuration interface, voicemail, auto attendant, call hunting, and more. Both commercial and free editions are available.

Impux Designs’s 3CX
Phone Systems offers numerous benefits:

  • No need for separate phone wiring as the phone use computer network
  • Easy to install and manage via a web-based configuration interface
  • Software-based IP PBX is far less expensive than the hardware-based PBX
  • Your employees can move offices without requiring any changes in the wiring or IP PBX configuration
  • Choose from the many SIP-based hardware phones instead of getting locked in with one vendor
  • Receive and make calls via the standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways
  • Save on call costs with ‘out of the box’ configurations for popular SIP / VoIP providers.
  • Features full Microsoft Exchange Unified Communications integration
  • Includes free 3CX Phone SIP Softphone Apps for Windows, iPhone and Android

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Virtual PBX Hosting

Get the 3CX phone system in the cloud and enjoy full access to enterprise PBX and Unified Communication features plus stress-free management.

3CX Hotel PBX

Switch to a 3CX VoIP hotel phone system and save on your telephone service and PBX investment!

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